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skincare for individuals

Skincare for individuals

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Glow Medispa's team is dedicated to help individuals achieve and maintain healthy vibrant skin. Offering tailored treatments and comprehensive ongoing support.

Our tailored treatments

Our tailored treatments

Initial consultation & facial

1 Hour - $170

Glow Medispa’s vision is centred on creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere where individuals feel comfortable sharing their skin concerns.

Your skincare journey at Glow Medispa starts with an in-depth consultation followed by a personalised and curated facial. The goal of these treatments is to promote youthful, healthy skin that radiates a natural glow from within.

Once the treatment is completed, clients can expect to receive a customised plan designed to address their individual skin concerns. This plan includes recommendations for post-treatment care and any ongoing skincare regimens. 

The ultimate objective of Glow Medispa is to help individuals achieve and maintain healthy, vibrant skin by offering tailored treatments and comprehensive support.


Glow & Go

45 minutes - Walk in: $180 | Members: $150

This customised facial is designed to promote and maintain optimal skin health. It incorporates a range of specialised techniques that work together to exfoliate, hydrate, and stimulate the skin, resulting in a feeling of cleanliness and nourishment.

Your treatment focuses on Enzymes or Light Peels that will include one of the following:

• Extractions (Removal of Blackheads and Whiteheads)

• Skin Tools (Electro Muscle Stimulation, Ice Globes, Gua-sha)

• Dermaplaning (Removal of Peach Fuzz)

The Glow and Go facial is a suitable option for individuals looking to maintain and enhance their skin’s health and appearance. After the treatment, clients can expect their skin to feel revitalised, clean, and nourished.


Correct & perfect

1 Hour - Walk in: $250 | Members: $200

This comprehensive treatment is designed to target a wide range of skin conditions using cosmeceutical-grade ingredients. Addressing various skin concerns, including pigmentation, aging, acne-prone skin, dehydration, and sensitivity. The treatment offers a multi-faceted approach, with the therapist selecting an option from each of the following categories on the day of your facial:

  • Skin Needling
  • Advanced Peels
  • Herbal Peels
  • Extractions
  • Skin Tools
  • Dermaplaning

In addition to these personalised treatment options, this facial includes a complimentary LED light therapy session. This package aims to provide a solution for individuals with diverse skin concerns. It’s ideal for those seeking a multi-dimensional approach to skincare and rejuvenation.


Signature Glow

Exclusive to members - $340

The “Signature Glow” package is an exclusive offering available to members.

Frequent treatments have been proven to boost blood circulation in the skin and stimulate collagen production. This leads to a fresher, clearer, and more youthful looking appearance.

This approach underscores the importance of consistent and proactive skincare to maintain and promote the long-term health of your skin.

With this package you will receive 2x Correct and Perfect facials per month.

Signature members also enjoy a 10% discount on skincare products. This discount is a valuable perk, allowing members to access high-quality skincare products at a reduced cost.